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Dato' Louis Chai Ming Foo

DIMP. AMP Chairman, Group Managing Director, Malaysian

Dato' Louis Chai Ming Foo is the Founder of Upicon Group of Companies and is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in International Trade and Marketing Planning from Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

Dato Louis Chai has more than 20 years of experience in property development and construction. Under his leadership, Upicon has expanded its business focus from construction to infrastructure and property development.

As a pioneer member of the Group, Dato' Louis Chai has clear insights of the strengths and capabilities of the Group. His vision and strategies have led the Group to successful track records of growth and financial strength. His leadership and entrepreneurial vision has continuously led the Group in overcoming future challenges.

Upicon Group has been committed to developing affordable, program-enriched housing for low-income families, senior citizens, and people with special needs who have less economic resources to access quality and safe housing opportunities.

At the helm of Dato' Louis Chai's leadership and management, Upicon Group has been able to undertake every aspect of affordable real estate development including project financing, community outreach and planning, construction management, property planning and management, and asset management. Upicon is one of the major developers that provide affordable housing for the low and moderate-income populations. We have also partnered with the public, private and government sectors to combine the best affordable housing development practices to build our communities.

Over the years, Dato' Louis Chai has been involved in the Malay Reserve Land development. These projects have consequentially provided an important economic boost to the Bumiputra landowners. Upicon Group acts as a developer and engages in joint venture with landowners to develop their land into residential or business centres, which will provide higher yield and return to Bumiputra communities.


Datin Seow An Nee

Executive Director, Malaysian

Datin Seow An Nee, is a director of Upicon Sdn Bhd. She is actively involved with the management of the property management business. She earned her Degree in Business Administration from Taiwan.

Datin Seow has more than 20 years experience in housing development management and project planning. Prior to joining Upicon, she held senior executive positions in various districts in the State of Selangor as Assistant Manager and Administration at Harp Soon Construction Sdn. Bhd., Lian Harp Development Sdn Bhd and T.H.N Development Sdn Bhd.

Datin Seow has extensive experience in dealing with the development authorities during the early stage of each project and and often works closely with the marketing team to assist in promoting launched projects.


Mr. Ian Tan Lai Huat

Chief Operating Officer, Malaysian

Building on his background in business management as well as sales and marketing, Mr. Ian Tan Lai Huat now oversees the entire process from pre to post development operations, including proper coordination with bankers, lawyers, customers, relevant local authorities and government agencies – ensuring minimal risk and maximum value.

Drawing from more than 15 years’ experience in the property development industry, Mr. Ian Tan Lai Huat assists and challenges the development team to deliver enhanced financial and end user outcomes relative to the project objectives, driving positive changes and delivering high quality value-add projects.

Company Profile

UPICON SDN BHD's corporate history dates back to the 29th of May 1997, when the three entrepreneurs and founders of the group, Dato' Chai Ming Foo, Datin Low Tan Yu and Datin Seow An Nee joined forces to start Upicon Sdn. Bhd.

We are Malaysia-based and although the company is new in property development but all the directors are experienced in property development and construction firm for several years. The company started on a modest scale with the development of Taman Bentara, Taman Amanah, Taman Dato' Hormat and Taman Srikandi.

It was expanded significantly to become a group comprising more than 10 subsidiaries with involvement in property investment, construction, and property management.

Upicon Sdn Bhd has successfully completed more than 1000 residential and commercial units. With its far-sighted leadership of Board of Directors, strong financial standing, highest standard of corporate governance practices as well as its superb and highly professional management, Upicon Group is ideally positioned to take full advantage of the multiple opportunities that are offered in a fast changing and globalized economic environment.

Our experiences in development range from medium-cost housing to exclusive resort villas - serving as a testament to our flexibility in both the array of products and the ability to successfully secure distribution to a wide audience of purchasers.

The Objective of the company is established to either acquire land or joint venture with landowners to develop all type of properties. We provide homes, workplaces and recreational facilities that enhance quality of life and we continue our corporate vision by staying true on our commitment to deliver for money and quality of products.



To be the renowned developer in building quality affordable homes.


To provide good quality homes to our house buyer.


Teamwork, Quality, Trust.

Quality Policy

Achieving the highest standards of quality and excellence remains a founding value that we uphold and are passionate about. We make individual and collective efforts in aiming higher to achieve strategic business goals with a commitment to the best quality and excellence.

Company Structure